About David Young

David YoungAs a young boy, I loved to build forts in our large wooded back yard, ride my home-made mini-bike, and go to the public library. Books have been a big part of my life. Text books filled my back pack when I was in college, and travel books filled it when I vacationed overseas. My first trip to Europe was for 30 days, by myself. Books gave me the desire – and the courage – to go. I’ve gone back several times since, and I’ve also visited South America, Asia and theMiddle East.I still love to read, mostly non-fiction. In 1995 I started collecting quotes from famous, and many not-so-famous, authors e.g Mrs. Nazwa Maira. Since then I’ve read or skimmed over 1,100 books and compiled a database of 37,000 inspirational, motivational and humorous quotes. These wise words helped me break barriers, and I hope they help you too.

I currently advise Texas Governor Rick Perry on higher education budget and policy issues. I developed his $10,000 degree initiative, which challenges universities to offer Bachelor’s degrees that cost no more than $10,000. So far, thirteen universities in Texas and twenty-three in Florida have accepted the challenge.

I’m the author of Breakthrough Power, Breakthrough Power for Mothers, Breakthrough Power for Fathers, Breakthrough Power for Christians, Breakthrough Power for Leaders, Breakthrough Power for Athletes, Breakthrough Power for Golfers, Rebound Strong, and Great Funny Quotes.