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The Downside of Fame

Fame and serenity can never be bedfellows.
James Counsilman

You can be the biggest headliner in the world and one day, the ride can be over. And what do you have left? Yourself. The person you were when you came to the party.
Earl Woods

It is best not to drink too deeply from a cup full of fame. It can be very intoxicating, and intoxicated people often do foolish things.
John Wooden

You know that commercial I made for Nike about what if I was just another basketball player? What if my face wasn’t on TV every five seconds? Well, that wasn’t done just to sell shoes. There came a time when I just wanted to be another basketball player.
Michael Jordan


God does not call us to be successful, but to be obedient.
Billy Graham

Obedience is the child of Trust.
John Climacus

Obedience to God is our job. The results of that obedience are God’s.
Elisabeth Elliot

God doesn’t applaud position; He applauds obedience. His delight, love and favor equally rest on all who follow Him in obedience, regardless of whether obedience leads them to hidden places or public places.
Alicia Chole

The Power of Positive Thinking

Everyone wants to be around somebody who can bring cheer and humor to any situation, and optimistic people have a way of finding good things around every corner.
Mary Lou Retton

I never lost the inherent belief that I could win and that I could beat anyone and everyone. It didn’t always translate into wins. What it did do was to always keep me in there.
Jack Nicklaus

My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind.
Michael Jordan

God didn’t put me on this earth to be a loser. I’m a winner.
Sparky Anderson

Counter your negative thinking with optimistic thinking. This means developing a more optimistic attitude. Focus on the reasons you will succeed. Make a list of the reasons why you will play well.
Patrick Cohn


Integrity is all about doing the right thing, no matter what the consequence.
Bobby Bowden

When a man sells eleven ounces for twelve, he makes a compact with the devil and sells himself for the value of an ounce.
Henry Ward Beecher

To have integrity, you do not lie or cheat on the small things; and, as a result, you are not corrupted by the larger temptations – the lure of power, prestige or money.
Adrian Gostick and Dana Telford

One of the greatest gifts that God gives a person is the ability to lie down at night satisfied with who he is and what he has done that day because he has acted with integrity.
Billy Graham

Dignity and honor always get tested at times when we really wish they wouldn’t. This is precisely the reason why maintaining a sense of honor can be so challenging. Everything is going along as well as could be hoped for and then – whammo! – adversity strikes. But what a sweet victory it is when in such times, you handle yourself in a way you will never regret.
Gary Player

A Strong Marriage

I agree with Abraham Lincoln. He once said that the best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother.
John Wooden

Pray together and read the Bible together. Nothing strengthens a marriage and family more. Nothing is a better defense against Satan.
Billy Graham

Effective leaders develop valued and varied sources of feedback on their behavior and performance. And one of the best sources for many executives is a spouse. There’s something to say about a lasting relationship with someone you trust totally, someone who provides you with reflective back talk.
Warren Bennis

My mother showed me how important a really strong marriage is. She used to say to us, “I love you all equally, but I love your father the most.”
Soledad O’Brien

Dad was a rock of support for my mom. After she had a mastectomy, she never even considered having breast reconstruction surgery. My mom told me that Dad never criticized her appearance. Instead he always just told her how beautiful she was. And that’s why she thinks battling this disease wasn’t as hard as it could have been.
Rebecca Lobo

Time Management

Our ability to do more and perform better will increase as we exercise the discipline of doing important and difficult work first, when we are fresh, and deferring routine jobs to other times.
Stephen Covey

I’m continually asking myself, “What is the best use of my time right now?”
Alan Lakein

During a very busy life I have often been asked, “How did you manage to do it all?” The answer is very simple: It is because I did everything promptly.
Sir Richard Tangye

Just for today I will stop saying “if I had time.” If I want time, I will make it.
Dr. Jim Loehr

You get very little sympathy these days for not managing your own time and stress. A generation ago people would say, “Poor George, worked himself to death, good man.” Now they say, “What a fool, couldn’t keep himself in balance.”
Jennifer James

The Power of Confidence

When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun; and when you have fun, you can do amazing things.
Joe Namath

To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.
Sugar Ray Robinson

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.
Aimee Mullins

No one could ever win if you had to win before you could win. So you have to win in your mind. That’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about confidence.
Dr. Bob Rotella

Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four c’s. They are curiosity, confidence, courage and constancy, and the greatest of these is confidence.
Walt Disney