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You can judge a leader by the size of the problem he tackles – people nearly always pick a problem their own size, and ignore or leave others the bigger or smaller ones.
Sir Anthony Jay

No easy problems ever came to the President of the United States. If they are easy to solve, somebody else has solved them.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Never ever ever go to see the boss about a problem without bringing along a proposed solution. Better yet, three solutions.
Walter Kiechel III

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.
Arnold Glasgow

Be a part of the solution to avoid being a part of the problem. Assistants and workers who love to deposit “insoluble” problems at the feet of their employers like dead kittens will always remain in assistant positions.
Liz Smith

God’s Will

If you’re waiting on God to fill in all the shading in your picture, you will never take the first step in obeying His will. You must be prepared to trust His plan, knowing it will be full of surprises.
Charles Swindoll

Watch to see where God is at work and join Him.
Henry Blackaby

The struggle of not doing what God has called us to do makes us weary.
Steve Van Winkle

The will of God for your life is simply that you submit yourself to Him each day and say, “Father, Your will for today is mine. Your pleasure for today is mine. Your work for today is mine. I trust You to be God. You lead me today and I will follow.”
Kay Arthur

The Power of Goals

A dream without a goal is just a wish.
Bill Cole

Writing your mission in terms of the important roles in your life gives you balance and harmony. It keeps each role clearly before you. You can review your roles frequently to make sure that you don’t get totally absorbed by one role to the exclusion of the others that are equally or even more important in your life.
Stephen Covey

The Creator has not molded us with aspirations and longings for heights to which we cannot climb. Look upward. The unattained calls us to climb new mountains. You cannot have too much of that emotion called ambition, for, even though you do not attain your idea, the efforts you make will bring nothing but blessings.
Benjamin Mays

The most absurd and reckless aspirations have sometimes led to extraordinary success.
Marquis de Vauvenargues

When I am living and working in harmony with my mission, my mind chatter and second-guessing stops. Life seems to flow smoothly. Even when challenges appear, they seem to be lessons on my journey instead of barriers or warnings to turn back. I am enthusiastic about what I am doing and feel energetic and at peace.
Marilyn Tam

Real Heroes

True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.
Arthur Ashe

It is the surmounting of difficulties that makes heroes.
Louis Kossuth

The real heroes are men and women who are friends of the poorest of the poor.
Nelson Mandela

Heroes are people who rise to the occasion and slip quietly away.
Tom Brokaw

We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too.
Helen Hayes

The Power of a Smile

Smiling conveys self-acceptance and an accepting attitude toward others. It increases others’ confidence in themselves and in you. Smiling makes you appear approachable, friendly, relaxed, open and comfortable.
Roger Crawford

Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I used to be very self-conscious. I used to wish I was pretty. My cousin Georgia always taught me that if you smile, people will like you.
Ella Fitzgerald

Smile if it kills you. The physiology of smiling diffuses a lot of anger and angst. It makes your body and soul feel better.
Tom Peters

The smile reaches down deeply and relaxes us. A doctor would not be able to find anything in his medicine bag that takes effect so quickly, so harmoniously.

The Power of a Plan

Every moment spent planning saves three or four in execution.
Crawford Greenwalt

I thatched my roof when the sun was shining, and now I am not afraid of the storm.
George Stivers

It’s not the most gung-ho clients who are the most successful. It’s the ones who’ve thought out a plan. Initial motivation is no indicator of success.
Bob Carney

Rich people plan for four generations. Poor people plan for Saturday night.
Gloria Steinem

Fools measure actions after they are done, by the event; wise men beforehand, by the rules of reason and right. The former look to the end to judge of the act. Let me look to the act, and leave the end to God.
Richard Hill

Save for Your Future

Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Any fool can waste, any fool can muddle, but it takes something of a man to save.
Rudyard Kipling

Ability to save is first wanting to – deciding to – and then saving consistently until the habit is formed. After the habit is formed it is second nature to save.
Harvey Blodgett

You need to set aside money for savings each month. Not only does it give you a reserve to draw on in emergency situations, it’s a key element in smart financial planning and eventual financial freedom. What’s more, having a stash of cash at your disposal can give you peace of mind about your finances.
Larry Burkett