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The Importance of Family

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate what’s most important in life – my wonderful wife and two great kids.
Mark O’Meara

After having a baby, I have a new perspective. Four-footers aren’t as important any more.
Colleen Walker

Material things in life are iffy. You can’t take them with you when you die. The most important things are your family and your kids.
Nick Price

I learned more than I ever wanted to know last year. My baby’s cancer strengthened me and my belief in what’s important in life – my family, the kids. God has blessed me to be able to play. It doesn’t mean I don’t get mad or frustrated, but for me, I’m just happy to be playing.
Susie Redman

Family First

Your family is what counts, and you must always remember that as you get caught up in your professional responsibilities.
John Wooden

I like winning money at golf and earning money in other ways – and I like to spend it – but the most important card in the deck to me is the ace of hearts – my family. They come first.
Jack Nicklaus

My father made a conscious choice to put his family ahead of his career. He certainly could have gone to Hollywood, but he decided to raise his family on the East Coast as normally as possible. My dad put his family first and he taught me to do the same – a lesson for which I will always be grateful.
Chris Elliott

If golf should ever jeopardize my family life, it would be gone in a heartbeat.
Kirk Triplett

When I was younger, before I had children and money, all I wanted to do was play golf, work at my golf, get better at my golf. But when the children came my time with them was very important to me.
Tom Watson

The Importance of the Family

You may be the world’s greatest boss or your company’s best manager, but if your spouse and family resent the inordinate amount of time you spend at the office, your personal life will suffer.
Robert Dedman

Having children has enhanced me as a person. It probably took me away from the time I needed to spend to be the top of my game, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Tom Watson

If racing had been the only thing in my life, I wouldn’t have been a very happy person. But I learned my family loved me whether I won or lost.
Michael Waltrip

Home is where my heart is right now – with all four of my girls who bring me such joy.
Ben Crenshaw

My wife and I have five children. To have their respect is the ultimate hall of fame. They see it all. They see how you treat each other. Getting and keeping their respect is what really matters. The question we must continually ask ourselves is, “How do we get to where we want to go and still remain a hero to those we love?”
Roger Staubach


The lure of the crisis is almost irresistible, because it demands your immediate attention. But in retrospect, it is the high-priority items that count.
Mitchell Posner

There is always time enough in a day to do God’s will.
Roy Lessin

Remember that it was God who decided on a twenty-four-hour day, and He must have felt that it was enough. We can never do all that we expect ourselves to do, and we can rarely do all that others expect us to do, but we can always do all that God expects us to do.
Scott Sernau

Control your own time. Don’t let it be done for you. If you are working off the in-box that is fed to you, you are probably working on the priority of others.
Donald Rumsfeld

Many people who wonder why they don’t amount to more than they do have good stuff in them, and are energetic, persevering and have ample opportunities. It is all a case of trimming the useless branches and throwing the whole force of power into the development of something that counts.
Walter Johnston

A Balanced Life

Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
Robert Fulghum

Much of your life can be healthy and satisfying, but if an important part of it is not working well, you will not feel fulfilled. Successful living is not a matter of success in the workplace or success at home; it is the product of their combination.
Dr. David Niven

I’ve realized that there’s enough work for me to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But if you don’t have balance in your life, then you are not going to be as productive in your career.
Jim Perdue

I don’t agree with the idea that you have to live in a bubble and sacrifice all your time to something if you want to succeed. I need to be interested in things outside my sport, and I need to meet new people.
Ryoko Tamura

I don’t talk about work at all when I’m at home. I’ve learned to pick up at 5:30 and leave the office. You have to be able to accept that work will never be finished. Nothing is ever “done.” Some people think of it as a treadmill, but I know that even if I spend three times as much time at the office, there would still be more to do.
Ann Palermo

Family First

My job is not my whole life. My most important responsibility is to my family and to the child I chose to have.
Karen Hughes

There’s something else to live for, something else to come home to. I’ve got a wife, a son and a daughter and they are so much more important to me than golf.
Nick Price

Being with my daughters and taking care of my family now definitely takes precedence over winning a golf tournament. I want to win, but the time I spend on my golf game compared to the time I spend with my family has really changed.
Nancy Lopez

I am not willing to make my family number two to get to the Super Bowl.
Joe Schmidt, on why he resigned from the Detroit Lions

I am sure it was after Nan arrived, our third child, that my unhappiness really started to grow whenever Barbara and the kids were not with me on the road. Taking them with me created an additional workload and responsibility that sometimes left me with less energy for golf, but it was a price I happily accepted. With them around, I felt so much better. If golf had ever seriously jeopardized our family life, I would have quit the game cold.
Jack Nicklaus

Good Health

You have to set priorities. I always remember my father said, “Chuck, your health comes first; without that you have nothing. The family comes second. Your business comes third. You better recognize and organize those first two, so that you can take care of the third.”
Charles Knight

Men will spend their health getting wealth; then gladly pay all they have earned to get health back.
Mike Murdock

The best promoter of health is something to do.
John Burroughs

To insure good health eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life.
William Louden

Don’t be reckless with your health. When I was young, I thought I was God Almighty. Then I had a heart attack at age 34. My doctor told me I had “Superman Syndrome.” He says that when a guy feels good, he thinks he’s Superman. He only goes to the doctor when the kryptonite gets him.
Ralph Haas