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Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have it you may be smart enough to see it is what you would have wanted had you known.
Garrison Keillor

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
Thomas Jefferson

Don’t count on luck to get you out of a tight spot.
Harvey Penick

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
Darrell Royal

Luck means the hardships which you have not hesitated to endure; the long nights you have devoted to work. Luck means the appointments you have never failed to keep, the airplanes you never failed to catch.
Margaret Clement


To wait for someone else, or to expect someone else to make my life richer, or fuller, or more satisfying, puts me in a constant state of suspension.
Kathleen Andrus

Recognize your responsibilities and you will see your opportunities.
William Ward

I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good.
Oprah Winfrey

A man who enjoys responsibility usually gets it. A man who merely likes exercising authority usually loses it.
Malcolm Forbes

In forty hours I shall be in battle, with little information, and on the spur of the moment will have to make the most momentous decisions. But I believe that one’s spirit enlarges with responsibility and that, with God’s help, I shall make them, and make them right.
General George Patton

Overcome Adversity

Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever.
Lance Armstrong

The cure for grief is motion.
Elbert Hubbard

When pain doesn’t go away, endurance increases.
T.D. Jakes

Do not wait for ideal circumstances, nor the best opportunities; they will never come.
Janet Stuart

Try as we may, none of us can be free of conflict and woe. Even the greatest men have had to accept disappointments as their daily bread. The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.
Bernard Baruch

Start Where You Are

The question for each man is not what he would do if he had the means, time, influence and educational advantages, but what he will do with the things he has.
Frank Hamilton

Experience has taught me that if I focus predominantly on what I do not have, I am very seldom productive. More often than not, I am frustrated and discouraged. But if I focus only on what I have to work with, I start finding new solutions to old problems.
Art Berg

The lesson which repeats and constantly enforces is, “look under your foot.” You are always nearer the divine and the true source of your power than you think. The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are. Do not despise your own place and hour.
John Burroughs

What good we have opportunity of doing we should do quickly. He that will never do a good work till there is nothing to be objected against it will leave many a good work forever undone.
Matthew Henry

The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.
C.S. Lewis

Thorough Preparation

Spectacular achievements are always preceded by spectacular preparation.
Robert Schuller

I will study and get ready and someday my chance will come.
Abraham Lincoln

Life requires thorough preparation. We must rid ourselves of the idea that there’s a short-cut to achievement.
George Washington Carver

A lasting work requires extensive preparation.
Douglas Rumford

If I always appear prepared, it is because before entering an undertaking, I have meditated for long and have foreseen what may occur. It is not genius which reveals to me suddenly and secretly what I should do in circumstances unexpected by others, it is thought and meditation.
Napoléon Bonaparte


When God allows one door to close, He will open another door for you, revealing something bigger and better.
Joel Osteen

Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.
Sir Winston Churchill

Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal. Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of opportunity when it occurs.
Mario Andretti

Opportunities and motivation are connected. Motivated people see opportunities, and opportunities are often what motivate people.
John Maxwell

You create opportunity. You develop the capacities for moving toward opportunity. You turn a crisis into an opportunity and defeats into successes and frustration into fulfillment. With what? With your great invisible weapons: your good feelings about yourself, your determination to live the best life you can, and your feeling that only you can give yourself, that you are a worthwhile, deserving person.
Dr. Maxwell Maltz

The Importance of Preparation

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.
Arthur Ashe

Success is achieved when proper preparation meets opportunity.
Tom Lehman

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.
Joe Paterno

Luck is opportunity meeting preparation.
Maury Wills

The most interesting thing about this sport, at least to me, is the activity of preparation. The thrill isn’t in the winning, it’s in the doing.
Chuck Noll