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Honest Children

Dad put a high premium on telling the truth. “Honesty,” he said, “tells people a lot about who you are and what you are.”
Christine Todd Whitman

Dad instilled in me the value of honesty. There was a right and wrong in my house that was almost Old Testament-like in how I was supposed to do things. I never was late with a library book. I never missed a day of school. I never got involved in drugs. He also taught me to have a work ethic.
Jim Cramer

The greatest gift my dad gave me was honesty. He was always very fair with rules, and he was the most honest guy on the golf course.
Vijay Singh

On Sundays, I would sometimes go with my father, who was a realtor, to the open houses that he had. I saw firsthand how honest he was with people. When he’d have a buyer come into a house, he would tell them about the unnoticed or unseen problems. If the furnace didn’t work properly, he’d tell them. He treated prospective buyers in the same way he would have liked to be treated.
Dick Gephardt


Having character means that you are honest, even when it doesn’t seem to be in your best interest to tell the truth.
Pat Williams

It is a wonderful heritage to have an honest father.
Proverbs 20:7 (TLB)

Telling the truth isn’t just hard for kids; it can be hard for parents too. And when honesty is hard, that’s precisely the moment when wise parents remember that their children are watching – and learning.
Dennis Swanberg

My father was one of the most honest and upright people I have ever known – and he may have inherited this trait from his father, who once traveled a long distance to return five cents he had accidentally overcharged someone.
J.B. Handelsman

Honesty wins. This must be not only the kind of honesty that keeps a man’s fingers out of his neighbor’s till, but the finer honesty that will not allow a man to give less than his best, the kind of honesty that makes him count not his hours but his duties and opportunities, and constantly urges him to increase his efficiency.
J.C. Penney

Character Required for Success

I consider the most enviable of titles the character of an honest man.
George Washington

When the truth is in your way, you are on the wrong road.
Josh Billings

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein

If you get a reputation for being honest, you have 95 percent of the competition already beat.
John Kenneth Galbraith

It is a good idea to share with your children personal anecdotes of how you practiced honesty and courage. Your children will profit from both the moral of the anecdote and your willingness to share these experiences with them.
Dr. Ruth Sharon

Strong Character

Stand up for what you believe in, even when others are pressuring you to do otherwise.
Pat Williams

There is no right way to do a wrong thing.
Kenneth Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale

Ethics is doing the right thing when it costs more than you want to pay.
Michael Josephson

I would give no thought of what the world might say of me, if I could only transmit to posterity the reputation of an honest man.
Sam Houston


For a truth to be heard, it must be spoken with kindness.
Leo Tolstoy

People are not going to follow you as a leader unless you show them that you’re real. They are not going to believe you unless they trust you. And they are not going to trust you unless you always tell them the truth and admit when you were wrong.
Mike Kryzewski

The truth is more important than the facts.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Truth sells itself. Truth gets you through situations nothing else will. Looking dumb is oodles better than lying. The risk of false accusation is one of those risks that accompany success and senior leadership positions. The only way to ensure yourself against this risk is to be publicly, privately and deliberately squeaky clean.
Dave Oliver, Jr.

Work Ethic

The great lesson in work ethic is to push beyond the point of first fatigue.
Greg Quinn

My father was always a hard worker and he never settled for anything less than perfect. He instilled in me and my two brothers a work ethic to finish whatever we started. Dad said, “Don’t just finish it, do it well.”
Russell Maryland

I can do a lot of things now because of my dad. In a way, I owe my career to his regimented ways. I hated the hard work that I had to do back then, but I think it instilled in me the incredible work ethic that I still have today.
John Tesh

Despite the fact that my dad did not get paid a lot of money to do the jobs that he did, his work ethic was beyond reproach. His standard of ethics, honesty, accountability and responsibility was exemplary, and he instilled those values in me.
Howard Schultze

No one is born with the work ethic. Perseverance, self-discipline and frustration tolerance – the bases of a solid work ethic – are learned, not innate. It’s up to you, the parent, to instill the difference between wanting and getting, and to teach your child to postpone gratification in order to accomplish and succeed later as an adult.
Dr. Ruth Peters

Tribute to Fathers

My best training came from my father.
Woodrow Wilson

The things that I respected so much about my father were his values and that he wanted so much for his children. He stressed upon all of us the values of hard work, honesty and respect for others. My father’s words were always backed up with action.
Hank Aaron

Fatherhood was full-time work for Dad. When I was about ten, I took up the clarinet. Instead of buying me a metronome and sending me off to a soundproof room to squeak my way through the scales, he sat with me and beat time against the arm of his chair.
William Tapply

For years, as a boy, I had eaten the food and worn the clothes provided by that humble, slaving, threadbare man. I had seen him mend his own shoes and toil for an hour drawing rusty nails out of old boards to get nails to patch up the woodshed or the garden fence, without having once realized that he practiced these economics that I might wear better shoes than he, and have leisure that was never his.
W.O. Saunders