Great Decisions

The best decision you’ll ever make is probably one you’ve been putting off.
Charles Foster

Not to decide is to decide.
Harvey Cox

There’s a very easy way to test whether you’re making decisions based on emotions. When you come across data that are strikingly different from what you previously thought, how long does it take for you to shift your thinking? The longer it takes to accept new data, the more you’re relying on your emotions.
Michael Dell

Whenever I make a decision, I start out by recognizing that there’s a strong likelihood that I’m going to be wrong. All I can do is the best I can. To worry about it puts obstacles in the way of clear thinking.
Fletcher Byron

The effective decision-maker does not start out with the assumption that one proposed course of action is right and all others must be wrong. Nor does he start out with the assumption, “I am right and he is wrong.” He starts out with the commitment to find out why people disagree.
Peter Drucker

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