The Power of Humility

Dad was never showy. If he were going to an event with people of lesser means, he always drove an old car and dressed in a way to blend in. When someone asked what we had done over vacation, my dad talked about the projects around the house he’d gotten to in the last half instead of the skiing trip to Europe in the first half.
E.D. Hall

Daddy was unpretentious and he was tremendously humble. He was very focused and he felt spiritually directed. But he still maintained the ability to communicate with people at all levels – whether they were in the streets or whether they were in suites.
Martin Luther King III

If I had to name the one overriding character trait that I see in my father, it would be humility. Daddy, I am sure, would object. But I have watched my father’s humility operate consistently and on many levels throughout my lifetime. I am constantly touched by the modest way he expresses himself. He is unassuming, even when caught by surprise, which shows his humility to be authentic.
Ruth Graham

My father was born wealthy, which stands in shocking contrast to what you’d think if you ever met him. When he passed away in 1999, the car he drove was a used VW. And after his death it was just as common for me to have a truck driver tell me how much he was missed as it was to hear it from a businessman. The reason my father was so widely liked and admired was because he had perfected the art of humility and graciousness.
E.D. Hall

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