If nothing else about your job sparks some enthusiasm in you, you can do your work well because it’s your job. Your performance in it makes a statement about you. You must take pride in that statement.
Dr. Bob Rotella

If not a sparrow falls upon the ground without your Father; you have reason to see that the smallest events of your career are arranged by Him.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon

All members of the I-work-hard-but-because-I’m-not-up-front-I-never-get-the-credit club, take heart. Our God who rewards in secret will never overlook your commitment.
Charles Swindoll

Don’t let your paycheck determine how you approach your work – or how you feel about yourself.
Joe Torre

When looking for a job, tell the man what you can do for him, not how good you are.
Martin Vanbee

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