Help Your Child Overcome Failure

My dad used to repeat a line of Samuel Beckett’s so often that I had it pinned on my wall at home: “Keep on failing. Only this time fail better.”
Joely Richarson

Dad had his share of setbacks and he had his share of pain. But we learned from him that you deal with those things, you put them behind you and you move on. You don’t pine or whine or say what might have been. His attitude was, “There’s always tomorrow.”
Steve Forbes

My dad stressed to us that people aren’t perfect. From time to time, there will be disappointments in life. The idea is to recognize that if things don’t work out perfectly, pick yourself up and move on. Over a long lifetime, my dad never let his disappointments get him down. He just picked himself up, dusted himself off and led a wonderful life.
Abby Cohen

In baseball you’re going to fail more than you succeed. But my dad taught me that you’ve got to take the good with the bad and keep an even keel. You’ve got to try and have the same approach and same demeanor regardless of the situation.
Derek Jeter

“Success is not about winning or losing,” my dad told me on more than one occasion, when I felt I had been treated unfairly, or my team hadn’t been victorious, or another kid in class had gotten a higher grade than I had. “Your real success in life comes from adjusting,” he’d say. “How well you adjust, how quickly you adjust and how sensitively you adjust will make all the difference at the end of the day.”
Peter Greenberg

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