Time with Children

Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy.
Jimmy Carter

We must beware of packing our schedules by saying “yes” to things which mean “no” to our families. Now is the time to take time. There is no other.
R. Kent Hughes

When we tell ourselves, “I’ll work hard now, putting in long hours, and after I’ve achieved a certain measure of success, I’ll spend more time with my family,” we may fool ourselves, but we won’t fool our children. They will grow up with or without us, and then when we turn toward them, ready to spend more time with them, they may no longer be as receptive or available.
Dorothy Nolte

“Sentence me,” said a father in court at his son’s trial for one of the hideous crimes of today. “I have been so busy all his life making money that I did not know what he was about. I alone am to blame – sentence me.”
Anne Monroe

No time is more special between father and child than the few minutes just before bed. I’ve found that their age doesn’t even affect it. Whether they’re 15 months or 15 years, they are the warmest, kindest and most appreciative of beings during that brief period. Use this opportunity for whatever you like: a bedtime story, a prayer, a discussion. It doesn’t really matter. The important thing is your being there, your giving them your full attention.
Joe Kita

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