The Importance of Fathers

Above all, I learned this from my father: Being a dad is the most important job I’ll ever have.
George W. Bush

Fathers have a special excitement about them that babies find intriguing. Fathers embody a delicious mixture of familiarity and novelty.
Louise Kaplan

There is no more important relationship for a girl than the one she has with her father. It is a girl’s father who helps shape her character, forms her trust and I believe entirely sets her expectations of the way men should treat her. He defended me. He enouraged me. And he challenged me.
Condolezza Rice

There’s no pillow quite so soft as a father’s strong shoulder.
Richard Evans

When you’re out on the course with your son, you’re each watching the other handle the success and disappointment and unfairness and good luck of the game. You’re letting your son find his way, and at the same time he sees that you’re vulnerable, that you aren’t perfect, that you have feelings and emotions that are human. He learns that even when a man does the best he can, he makes mistakes, and that it’s all right.
Earl Woods

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